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1 "A Clear View": personal interior advice at your home

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2 “Tailored Advice”: a complete plan or special and fitting interior design

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3 'Styling en Shopping' : the finishing touches

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The packages
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People often believe that interior design is expensive. It’s understandable not want to waste their hard-earned finances. But if you're going to spend money on interior design, then I can save you money.

Interior Design is my profession and I will be happy to help you to achieve your dreams. In addition, I am your independent counsellor; I know where you find quality at an affordable price and also the special places for unique items. In short, I help you create your favourite home for your budget!


These are the three packages on offer:


1)“A Clear View”:

If your questions are clear, such as: Do you want a new sofa or other colours on the wall? Lighting or Lay out questions? I can help you with “a clear view” at your home.

We will prepare a plan to scale 1:50. We will take inspiration from the pictures and photographs of interiors that have appeal to you from your magazines and Internet research.

At the end of the "clear view" consultation, you will have created a full a plan to scale containing the furniture, the colours and lighting.  All your questions will have been answered with lots of ideas, of what furniture would fit in size and style. And even the questions you had not thought of are will be asked and answered

"The Clear View" Package starts: € 95 p / h


2) “Tailored Advice”:

Are you moving or building a new house? Or do you want that something special that fits you and no one else? Then you're best served with a comprehensive plan. The best creative ideas are spontaneous and come at the most unexpected moments. Serendipity....


For “Tailored advice” We first meet for a consultation. In this consultation (1.5 to 2 hours) we discuss all your needs and look at the style images that appeal to you. This way I can tune in to your vision. Using photos of your home and working from your ideas, I create a proposal.

When we meet again we discuss the proposal and fine-tune your ideas into your perfect interior.

The result is:

• A plan to scale containing the furniture

• 3D drawings

• A moodboard (collage style and feel of the furniture, colours and materials)

• Colour overview

• Lighting plan

• Written explanation

• Presentation of the plan

For the final presentation of the plan we will need to discuss any possible changes before work commences. With these drawings and explanation you will probably be so enthusiastic that you cannot wait until everything is real! You can do the work yourself. Or ... let my craftsmen perform the job.


Interior design advice tailored rate: Interview is at the rate of "clear view". For the interior advice we can negotiate a rate we can both agree.


3) Styling and Shopping:

We can go shopping together or you can give me your budget and I’ll shop for you. Depending on what you need we could go to a furniture store of your choice or a wholesaler. The latter is also very nice for your wallet because you can purchase at a discounted price and pay only for my hours...At home I can style all small furniture and accessories.

Shopping and styling rate: € 95, - p / h.

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