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About me:

What people do not know is that I'm secretly a floorplan junkie. Give me a floorplan and I am happy. Every house tells a clear story in shapes and colours. It is a kind of puzzle: what are the best places? How do I make the device so that it artlessly happening / common in harmony?


For me, the furnishing of a house is a work of art in 3D. In my head the design starts to manifest slowly but surely. From my subconscious database I get the best ideas. Serendipity, finding something unexpected and useful material while you're looking for something completely different, works for me.


To maximize small spaces or to make large spaces feel cosy. All in the atmosphere and style of the customer.... I work intuitive but through my years of experience I can now explain why I choose for certain things.


Nature is a great example to me. Everything is in balance in nature. The contrasts are mutually reinforcing.


At Home we charge and we enjoy living....


If you are curious to explore and share my inspirations, what I like, my current work. Why not follow me on Facebook?


You may also come across me at:

The Amsterdam Interior Design Fair: for Ariadne at Home, Trendhopper & Heuga and Advice Square etc. Dutch TV: Koffietijd: these broadcastings: and

Furniture shop: Trendhopper, the Netherlands

For real estate agents: as Home interior tipster

For Histor/PPG and Flexa/akzonobel: the Colour Stylist in various do-it-yourself shops

In lifestyle magazines: VT wonen and 101 living ideas


Further: I am currently a member of:

• Master of Interior Design, under number 001 110

• BNS CRISP, the professional association for interior designers & stylists

• SOR Foundation Association of Registered Interior Designers in Blaricum

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