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Tord Boontje

Tord Boontje

Hella Jongerius

Hella Jongerius


the polderbank: absolutely the most beautiful sofa...inspired on the Dutch natural landscape.

sofa tord boontje

detailed en decorative


colourful and exciting

Tord Boontje

In my opinion, Tord Boontje was the first designer to use magical, detailed shapes, inspired by nature. His work can be recognized immediately.

He has inspired me to choose an interior style, which mainly concerns and enjoys the good life: Just being yourself.


After all: That's what you live for, isn’t it?


Hella Jongerius

She was commissioned to design a sofa. And was inspired by the Dutch polders who she saw from the airplane.

At first glance the design is so simple. Those are often the best designs! Hella surprises me every time.

I admire her and her work and it inspires me.

Sleek and straight is not what I normally choose but this sofa would fit very nicely in an old house with authentic details.


Contrasts are mutually reinforcing. And make an interior come "alive"!


I get very happy when I see the work of Hundertwasser. What stunning colour and variety in form. The straight line is a taboo for him. Revolutionary ideas he had too: for example: everyone has a right to decorate around his window even of rented accommodations. Or, that trees need to grow, even inside a building. That is an idea that has been well taken.

I also like to come to the project with original ideas for my clients. When the design is finished in my head, I push myself to take the whole idea a step further....

What inspires me?


Colour, nature, art, architecture, design, small children, reflections, street art, charity shops, DIY, travel, Prague and other interiors....


For examples, check out my Pinterest.

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